What is diffo

diffo is a social enterprise that works with businesses to bring members deals. We encourage members to donate when they enjoy the deals.

What is diffo

Welcome to diffo – a lifestyle platform that makes doing good simple.

diffo is a Perth-based social enterprise that started in mid-March 2019 aiming to connect charities with Australians and brick-and-mortar businesses in Perth.

diffo started with the founders realising there is a gap in the market. diffo uses the basic value model that provides members with deals with brick-and-mortar businesses ranging from food, beauty, wellness and many others. By doing so, diffo encourages members to donate their discounts for a social cause and someone who needs it more. diffo uses technology to bring social impact organisations, members and businesses to do good through their daily activities.

In doing so, diffo creates a platform to synergise efforts for the charities and proactively create opportunities to approach greater communities.



As a diffo member, you have access to deals in Perth offered by our partnering businesses by showing your diffo digital card. The diffo digital card is one that you can save in your mobile wallet easily after signing up. We offer free diffo membership because we encourage you to donate your discounts to our partnering charities.


As a business partner on diffo, you can reach out to a greater community by simply offering deals to our members, while being socially responsible. Most Australians believe that businesses should be socially responsible and diffo supports businesses to do so in multiple ways and making it simple, allowing them to focus building their business sustainably.

Being a charity partner on diffo bring many benefits. Afterall, diffo is a social enterprise whose core is to support charities. Charity with diffo will be able to  connect with our members and business partners to raise awareness, being more relevant to the community and being the recipient for the “good’ that businesses and members have done.